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Tierzepatide the "ALL NEW" GLP-1 agonist fights Diabetes with an added Weight loss punch!

Tierzepatide is an ALL new GLP1/ GIP agoinst FDA approved to battle diabetes and obesity.  Like Semaglutide, Tierzepatide is a GLP1 (glucagon like peptide) but also contains a GIP (glugose independent insulinotrophic peptide) which works under a second  ( or dual) pathway to lower glucose and increase weight loss. It also acts effectively as an appetite suppressant.  

Tierzepatide is a once weeekly subcutaneous injection and dosed according to your prescribers recommendation.  In order to work most efficiently and maximally, This medication must be utilized ALONG with your prescribed medical weight loss and exercise program.  

Complete medical information and clinical studies ron Tierzepatide eferenced below.  Please click on link to reviiew..

To learn more about Tierzepatide or to schedule your medially supervised weight loss program please call us at 941-779-7900! 

And as always...  Live Healthier Longer with AW4L!

Dominic Sorrentno PAC MS AABHP/RM 



Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP is owner and operator of Affinity Wellness 4 Life. Dominic has over 10 yrs experience in antiaging and regenerative aesthetic treatments including PRP/PRF, Botox, advanced facial fillers, advanced laser skin care, and other aesthetic modalities. He is a highly trained and specialized in diagnosing aesthetic skin disorders and provides appropriate modalities to effectively treat skin issues.

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