Immune Boosting IV Therapy

Benefits of IV Therapy

When choosing IV therapy with Sorrentino and his team, you reap the following health and wellness benefits:

IV therapy is a relaxing procedure that’s noninvasive with no downtime. It’s a holistic treatment that helps you look and feel years younger.

The different types of IV therapy

Myer’s cocktail

Myer’s cocktail is a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals that often includes magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Some formulas of Myer’s cocktail lack calcium for patients at risk of calcium overload and some cardiac patients.

Vitamin C infusions

Vitamin C IV infusions, when used alone or as part of Myer’s cocktail, may shorten the severity and duration of colds and flu, enhance wound healing, decrease depression and fatigue, improve neurological conditions, and reduce allergies.


Glutathione is a tripeptide protein composed of three amino acids. It’s an antioxidant that reduces free radicals and dangerous toxins. Glutathione infusions may help improve stroke, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, neurodegenerative diseases, liver disease, asthma, and other medical conditions.

What you should expect during IV therapy

When you arrive at an IV therapy appointment at Affinity Wellness 4 Life, you lie on a comfortable chair while your provider places an IV in your vein. You might feel a slight pinch, but this lasts just a second or two. 

Our infusion might last 20-60 minutes, depending on your time commitment, the cocktail you receive, and your practitioner’s recommendation.

To gain a boost of energy, feel better, and fight off sickness and disease, schedule an appointment with Affinity Wellness 4 Life over the phone or online. We currently have special pricing on packages! Call to book your IV today! 941-739-7900


Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP is owner and operator of Affinity Wellness 4 Life. Dominic has over 10 yrs experience in antiaging and regenerative aesthetic treatments including PRP/PRF, Botox, advanced facial fillers, advanced laser skin care, and other aesthetic modalities. He is a highly trained and specialized in diagnosing aesthetic skin disorders and provides appropriate modalities to effectively treat skin issues.

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