BOTOX injections! Say goodbye to facial lines once and for all!

  BOTOX cosmetic has been successfully used for decades to treat millions of people worldwide.  This purified form of neurotoxin C. Botulinum is FDA aprroved for treatment of frown lines "11"s, muscle spasticity, migraine headaches and hyperhidrosis its use has expanded substantially.  Other areas of the face such as around eyes (crows feed), forhead, and neck bands have also gained its popularity with BOTOX treatment. BOTOX injection is a quick and virtually painless injectable medical procedure that must be injectred by properly trained medical professionals. Once injected into the muscle the BOTOX neurotoxin acts on specific receptors that aid in muscular contraction which allows muscle fibers relax. This process takes anywhre from 3-10 days and then will not beable to make those expressions which have created those lines on skin surface. The results of this "relaxation" will typically last anywhere from 2-4 months and may variate a bit from gender, age and activity level. Once completely wore off an additional BOTOX injection will be needed to regain results. 

Affinity Wellness 4 life offers BOTOX injectable and a wide variety of other aesthetic treatments and offering free consultations to see if Botox cosmetic may be right for you! 




Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP is owner and operator of Affinity Wellness 4 Life. Dominic has over 10 yrs experience in antiaging and regenerative aesthetic treatments including PRP/PRF, Botox, advanced facial fillers, advanced laser skin care, and other aesthetic modalities. He is a highly trained and specialized in diagnosing aesthetic skin disorders and provides appropriate modalities to effectively treat skin issues.

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