Lipoburn - Energy Shot

Lipovitol / B-Complex Fat Burn Injections:

 Our Lipovitol™ is a custom and proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and cofactors that stimulate metabolism and optimize body functions.  The synergistic fusion of these nutrients along with proper dietary planning and exercise assists in weight loss, tissue toning, and improves energy levels. It is an extremely safe mixture that is all natural with no major side effect profile.

*This blend is exclusive and only available at Affinity Wellness 4 Life.*

Lipovitol is made up of the following ingredients:

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Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP Dominic Sorrentino PAC ABAAHP is owner and operator of Affinity Wellness 4 Life. Dominic has over 10 yrs experience in antiaging and regenerative aesthetic treatments including PRP/PRF, Botox, advanced facial fillers, advanced laser skin care, and other aesthetic modalities. He is a highly trained and specialized in diagnosing aesthetic skin disorders and provides appropriate modalities to effectively treat skin issues.

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