“I have been fighting my weight ever since I was a little girl. I was at a point in my life that I would try just about anything. Then one day my friend was telling me about the HCG program at Affinity Wellness 4 Life. So I made an appointment… I have lost 30 lbs so far, and working on another 15-20 lbs. Dominic and Rachel have been so supportive and encouraging during this process and I can’t thank them enough!! I would recommend Affinity Wellness 4 Life to anyone who is looking to lose weight and ready to make a change in their life.”

HCG ProgramWieght loss patient

When I started my 40-day hcg journey, I was overweight and weighed 138 (BMI 27) and ended at 123 (BMI 24). I never thought I would survive eating 500 calories but after the first week you start seeing results and it makes it that much easier to continue losing weight. This diet program has worked well for me and I couldn’t be happier. I still get to eat but it makes me more aware of what I’m choosing to eat. After my last Hcg shot and going into my maintenance phase I was very nervous of what foods to eat but PA Dominic sat down with me and made a diet plan that fits my needs which helps me stay on track every day.

Rachael at the front desk is someone you don’t mind seeing all the time with her great personality and encouraging words. The minute I call the office and need anything Rachael has fulfilled my request that same day.

As I go in for my weekly b12 shots, PA Dominic is always more than willing to take time and go over any questions I have to continue my maintenance phase. Doing the HCG gave me tons of energy and fast, effective results!  I am now looking forward to living an  active and healthier lifestyle!!

40 Day HCG ProgramHormone replacement patient

My mother and I have been named the “Dynamic Duo” because we always visit Affinity wellness together. Our weight loss journey has not been easy nor has it been fun but we are doing it side by side and the results we have seen so far have exceeded all expectations we had. 

The health care team at Affinity Wellness 4 life have given us the tools to progress and have helped us apply the weight loss process and for that we are very appreciative. Each day is still a challenge but we become more motivated with each visit. We have been with Affinity for 5 weeks and have also acquired a personal trainer and in those 5 weeks I have lost 4.5% body fat and my mother has lost 4% body fat. Our weight in pounds has not made a drastic change but body fat is dropping steadily and clothes fitting much better now!
Good luck to everyone with their life style alteration journey and thank you to Affinity Wellness 4 life for helping us become healthier and happier.!

Dynamic Duo

For the last seven years of my life I suffered physically and emotionally from menopause.

The embarrassment of wet hair, sweating, and constant exhaustion from interrupted sleep turned me into an overweight, irrational, miserable mess. Menopause and all of its symptoms almost drove me to the brink of a complete breakdown.

When I contacted Affinity Wellness for life , I made the decision to save the quality of my life. From the first phone call when I spoke with receptionist Rachel she took the time to inform me of the different programs that Affinity had.  She booked the appointment and I was seen that very week.

PA Dominic actually listened to me. Through his compassion of well-being and understanding he started me on my mission back to health.

After the analysis and consultation he designed a program specifically to my body chemistry.

One month later my husband looked at me and said, “Welcome back.”

It has been seven months now. To date I have lost 45 pounds. The unbearable hot flashes are gone because of hormone therapy. I am sleeping through the night and my sex life has returned! I feel beautiful again.

Whether your symptoms are mild or severe like mine, there is no reason to suffer through this life cycle. Please- love yourself enough to seek treatment. I promise- it will change your life!

Be well sisters!

Vicky B.

Vicky B.Weight loss Patient

Some 15 weeks ago I made one of my most important decisions that have tremendously changed my life profoundly.  I was introduced to Dr. Dom and Affinity Wellness 4 life center by my best friend who had been going there for some time. I witnessed a significant transformation in him over a series of months.  I committed myself to make a lifestyle change once and for all and not look for the quick fix and fast results. I was less than 6 months shy of my 40th birthday, significantly overweight and on numerous medications daily for a variety of health related reasons.  Life was a struggle to get through each day and I had not felt good in a very long time.

But my decision has had far reaching implications on my health and well-being. I am now 45 pounds lighter, fitting into to designer clothes that have occupied space in my closet for the last 10 years and gone unused. I’m a size 34 waist and feeling fitter and better than ever.  More importantly, I am off most of my medications ranging from 8-10 pills daily. My mental perspective is better than ever and I’m now able to be more creative and productive in my work and accomplish things that were once not possible.

The Affinity program includes all natural supplements, special dietary programs and a minimal workout regimen to accomplish my goals. Dr. Dom makes a personal commitment individually to his patients from the completion of extensive lab analysis through the creation of a customized health and wellness program. I owe a lot of gratitude to Affinity Wellness 4 Life for the opportunity to recapture my youth once again. I have since engaged several other friends in the programs who are becoming believers.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is ready to take control of the there Mind, Body & Spirit.

Gracias Dom!

J.L. Martinez

J.L. MartinezOverall Health Patient

I have tried everything from diet pills to trying to have one meal a day. Nothing can compare to the results of the Affinity Wellness 4 Life’s 40-day HCG program!  I first heard about the HCG diet from a personal trainer of a gym I had recently joined. I was intrigued from the brief description the trainer gave me so I did some more research on the HCG diet. I ran across Affinity Wellness 4 Life  from comparing and asking around.  Starting out the first two days of the HCG injections you can eat until your heart’s desire. But day three you drop from high calories to 500.   It wasn’t easy at first but gradually felt better with less hunger, less appetite and more energy.   They also supplied me with prescription appetite suppressants that helped to curb initial hunger.  
My first weigh in I lost 6 or 7 pounds, from then on out I was on board and losing approx. 6 lb weekly.  Week 2 and so on got easier because when you jump on that scale and see it go down instead up which gave me substantial motivation to keep going and not cheat!   I just recently finished a couple of day ago and I lost a total amount of 33.6 pounds. I can’t wait to do Phase two to shed more pounds!!!! Thanks again Dr. Dominic.

C. ShinholsterHCG Patient

I met Dom at Affinity about five years ago. Wow what a difference he has made to my body and career!   I’m 43 years old and have won 2 world Championships and 3 national championships!!  I know ride for Factory Yamaha.  My closest competitor is 19 years old. We laugh saying I’m old enough to be your father.  Keeping me hydrated with IV therapy and hormones at optimal safe levels has taken me to the top!  Thanks Affinity…

T. Snyder

I have worked with Dominic and the Affinity Wellness 4 Life for well over 5 years now. Dominic is the perfect combination of what you should expect from an anti-aging specialist. Dominic looks the part, which is something I respect… He is also highly skilled, sensible, and encouraging. Under PA Dominic’s leadership, I am stronger both physically and mentally. The results I have achieved under his supervision are life changing. I am 51 and have the physique of a 30 year old athlete. Dominic has schooled me on the art of nutrition and the necessity for products promoted by Affinity.

Aging is inevitable, but we can all go down fighting… This is exactly what Dominic is helping me do!

Alan T.April 2016

I can’t thank you enough Dominic,  I  have never known that losing weight would be so easy and rewarding for me! I have lost over 30 pounds and feel like a new person.

Many people have asked me my secret, and I am thrilled to share! I feel fabulous! I look better than I have in many years.   However, the best news is, I have more energy than I have ever had! I actually watched my body transform from bulges to a sleek shape. I lost NO muscle mass, and continue to share my success story just by looking slimmer. The very best part about losing my weight is losing my double chin. I have bought some new amazing clothes in much smaller sizes!

I am still working on losing more weight as I have not reached by goal yet.  My goal is was to lose over 116 lbs.  I have lost over 42 lbs to date and would like to lose another 30 lbs by November when I go to Europe :).  

Melinda D.August 2016