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Affinity offers something for anyone who wants to look and feel their best for years to come!

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3 Goals of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

1. Alleviate or slow down the symptoms caused by the natural decrease in production of hormones by the body.
2. Give the protective benefits which were originally provided by the naturally occurring hormones
3. Re-establish hormone balance & harmony 

As stated above the goal of any Hormone replacement therapy regimen should be to provide an adequate supply of the deficient hormone in the form that is as close as possible to that which the body originally produced, therefore resulting in normal physiologic effects and ultimately symptom free effects.

No single person is alike so it is imperative that you and your physician or medical professional work together to customize BHRT. Bio-identical hormones are compounded by a pharmacist in needed strength and dosage and administered orally, topically or subcutaneously to meet each individuals needs. The precise components of each patients response to therapy will need to be determined and considered by us after:
1. Physical examination
2. Medical history
3. Symptoms Experienced

4. Laboratory testing

Close monitoring with your Affinity Wellness 4 Life at intervals ranging from every months for 1st year of therapy then 1-2x per year thereafter  will be essential to ensure that appropriate dosage adjustments are made.


Downloadable History forms:

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