Welcome to Affinity Wellness

Welcome to Affinity Wellness 4 Life –
10 years of excellence in the Health, Wellness & Beauty Industry!

Thank you for choosing Affinity Wellness 4 Life as your center for all of your anti-aging, weight management and wellness needs.  From our effective Bio-identical hormone balancing, IV nutritional therapy, medically supervised weight loss treatments, and anti-aging programs to our aesthetic rejuvenation systems & nutritional supplementation, Affinity Wellness 4 Life offers something for anyone who wants to look and feel their best for years to come!

Affinity Wellness 4 Life is attracted to 4 main principles and the backbone for what we stand for. This includes: Disease Prevention, Wellness, Anti-aging and Beauty.  With this model we are effectively able to combat disease states and help one live a happier and healthier, more robust lifestyle.

At Affinity, we offer the purest, most bio-available, medical grade nutritional supplements in the industry. Stop by to check out and learn about our ever expanding line of nutriceutical products.

If you are ready and committed to lose weight & get in shape than we have the answer for you!
Choose from 3 effective medical weight loss programs that are designed to drop pounds fast and keep it off!:

  • 1. 40-day Hcg injection therapy
    2. Intensive 8 week lipovitol / b complex and supplement program…and now offering an AFFORDABLE alternative to our EFFECTIVE weight loss solutions…

    All new.. Weekly Lipovitol / B12 program
    Only $149 start up*

    Program includes:
    1. Initial physician consultation
    2. Dietary plan & exercise advice
    3. Weekly Lipovitol / b-complex injections
    4. Weekly weight checks and ongoing maintenance
    5. Initial lipovitol injection included!
    6. Metabolic detoxification and supplements advised and additional
    Ongoing maintenance required and additional for weekly lipovitol and prescriptions. * Please call for complete details!